Things men are good at

Hi everyone. Hope you all are doing fine. Today I’ll write about a very controversial topic so fasten your seat belts. I can write only a single word or a one line and end the topic giving my verdict but I want to elaborate. It’s not a mystery but a known fact but still it … More Things men are good at

Salaam Ramadan !

Ramadan is a holy and sacred month for Muslims. It is one of the five pillars of Islam. There are some things I would like to share about ramadan with all of you. In this month the Muslims feel the pain and hardships of poor people. Ramadan comes once every year. Ramadan comes every year … More Salaam Ramadan !


So my beauties today I’m here to write about something that has been disturbing me a lot these days. Why the rape ratio is increasing these days? In most of the cases they do not get justice. Even the rape victims are stopped from mentioning the incident with anyone because if they do people will … More Rape!!