Things men are good at

Hi everyone. Hope you all are doing fine. Today I’ll write about a very controversial topic so fasten your seat belts. I can write only a single word or a one line and end the topic giving my verdict but I want to elaborate. It’s not a mystery but a known fact but still it doesn’t hurt to talk about it. So here we go.

It is an agreed fact that men have more brains than women they just use it less. However they know how and when to use their brain when it’s something related to them but somehow they use it less in OUR case. I don’t want to start a war here but this is what I have seen. Men in general are innocent creatures with a BIG brain which they rarely use.
Areas where they use their brain occasionally always include women. They can do their hard office work but somehow can’t figure out how to help their wives or girlfriends at home. Pretty innocent creature I told you.
They can carry out their office tasks without anyone standing over their heads to remind them after every half an hour. But again somehow forgets what their wives/girlfriends told them to bring for grocery even if they text their man a thousand times.
They never forget a file or any office diary at home but wow they manage to forget to buy a gift for their wives/girlfriends.
On top of everything they always always remember important business meeting and seminars but they are a pro at forgetting anniversaries and birthdays of their wives and girlfriends.
I mean why are they so good at forgetting our anniversaries and birthdays? Forgetting whatever we tell them?
Women never forget their birthdays. We wait for the birthdays and anniversaries. Most of the times we’re the ones wishing the whole universe on their birthdays and anniversaries but the men in our life still forget ours. Yeah it hurts I know. But they’re busy at work and it’s difficult to remember things you know we should be more understanding. Well we have a lot on our plate too still we remember things about our loved ones. It’s just a matter of priorities.

I’m not saying all men do this but most of them does. And as a result most of the women go through this. It’s easy to remember the dates if you can’t do it with your brain. Let me help you. Put a reminder, write it down and pin it on your refrigerator. Put the dates as a wall paper on your laptops as men spend a lot of their time on laptop working. Do whatever it makes it easy to remember.
Remembering important things about your partner is just a gesture but a gesture that matters a lot to your partner. She will cherish it. She will love you even more knowing that you care for her and remember the things that make her happy. Eventually less bickering and less fights. As they say “happy wife, happy life”.
I guess it’s enough ranting for one day. Even though I did not plan to rant this much but you know sometimes you get triggered by some things you see around you. I hope none of you took it to your heart.