Do not fear childbirth, there is no gas and air for MOTHERHOOD

Trust me when I say this because I had the hardest childbirth one can think of. The doctors tried everything on ne and then at the end induced me. But even my childbirth has no comparison to motherhood. I can compare motherhood to a sea of fire !!! Yes and you have to reach the other end daily. Hahaha.
Let me introduce you to my 22 months old baby, Muhammad.

Can you see the spark in his eyes? Yes me too. That’s the spark of mischievousness. He causes a tornado wherever he goes and then he gets the attention he wants. My baby Muhammad is always on the run and he wants “nom nom” all the time. He wanders in the whole house aimlessly then point out in one direction to tell me that he wants that thing. Now the tricky part is “that thing” is not visible to us normal people but only to my baby Muhammad. He sees it and he wants it and it would be better for you to find it quick otherwise there will be a tantrum tornado with lots and lots of tears and hitting with his baby hands. So I keep showing him stuff and he keeps saying no to everything I show. After some 15 minutes he selects something and take it to the bed and play with it for some seconds then throw it away. Now he wants some other invisible thing.
As he is a super active baby he is always willing to play. But he wants me to play with him as well. . . He is no 1 football fan. I cannot even think of sitting down in the middle and catch my breath. Nope not a chance. As long as he doesn’t get exhausted we have to play like a pro. Lol.
He doesn’t let us watch tv too. Firstly he wants the remote in his hand and then he watches bo bo baby on netflix (boss baby). So basically he netflix’s and chill. If we don’t do what he says, he fakes cry and if we still don’t do it, he cries in real. Yes so we have to do everything he says.
He has a chair and he takes his favourite chair (at the moment) everywhere. I mean everywhere. Wherever he goes, he runs to find his chair and then drag it with him, to the kitchen, to the washroom, to our lawn, even to our car. If I tell him not to drag it everywhere he screams (again his tantrum) but then I back off. You know he’s the law in our house. You just can’t deny anything he says otherwise you will get your ears bleed from his screams and a very long cry. This little baby even accompanies me to the toilet !! And wants me to hold him there. Lol. In a split second he brings his favourite chair and sits with me and chat. I try to make him leave the bathroom but he fakes cry. Hahaha
We cannot point our finger to him because he hates it. Ever since he started sitting he does not let us point finger at him. He fights back and slaps our fingers. Now he points his finger back at us and I don’t know what he says but he gets angry and keep on talking till we stay quiet and listens to him. Me and my husband does not know who told him that pointing finger is bad but I guess the old fellow in him knows somehow. Even if he’s standing a mile away and you point finger at him he will come running to u just to slap your finger and say something in his baby language like do not point this finger at me ok !!!
Hiding our things is his favourite time pass. We search for our things all day and we would end giving up. One day we had to go out on a dinner with my husband’s colleagues and we were unable to find our car keys. We searched for it for one hour then our servant brought it to us from the laundry room because our son hid it in the there. I mean how can he take the key safely all the way from our room to the laundry room. This little man is very clever. He knows how to get things out of us one way or the other and we HAVE to do what he says.
There is no way of saying NO to him because he doesn’t want to hear no. If I don’t listen to him he’ll make me listen to him. He is a difficult clever but cutest baby.
I can and I will do anything for him. After all of the nonsense he puts me through, his one smile is enough to make me get back from the edge and love him like crazy and he knows it. I know he knows it that’s why he keeps me running on my toes all the time.
This is just a glimpse of my baby Muhammad and my hectic day with him but at the end of the day I’m still smiling as I put him in his bed and see his cute face I forget everything and gather my energy back for another day with baby Muhammad.
The post got longer than I expected that’s why I cut it short. I hope you like it