‘Bandersnatch’ Review

This is my review of this movie and it can be different from others.
Bandersnatch was released on Dec 28, 2018 on Netflix. It’s an interactive movie by Black Mirror.

It makes you feel like as if you’re the director of the movie but you’re not. You’re only given two choices and you have to choose from them. If you make the right choice, according to the author, you’ll move to the next level. On making a wrong choice the movie will start from the part where you made the wrong choice, just like a game.
You can somewhat control the character named Stefan, who in the movie is a game programmer of making such choosing the options type games.
The interesting thing I found in the movie was that the other character always gave Stefan the choice of options but the character emphasized on a certain action more so Stefan would select that choice and the movie will move forward. If he does the opposite, the movie ends abruptly and you have to start over again from the wrongly opted option part.
Bandersnatch gave me a feeling of being stuck in a time dimension loop and you have to repeat the whole procedure in order to make things right, they way they’re programmed in the movie. This was the part I did not like at all. They must have stories for all the options other than abrupt endings. So every viewer will have a different ending. So Bandersnatch did not offer much choices.
Another interesting part was of Colin who somehow remembered that he saw Stefan somewhere. You have to be really attentive to know the codes the characters give in their dialogues.
First I selected to take the tuckersoft jobs and it ended the movie right there. Not good bandersnatch not good.
Then I chose to pour tea on the computer as I did not like shouting on the dad but guess what? This is what they wanted. My movie again ended.
Then everything was going fine the next time and I did even shouted at dad, did not want to though, but still I destroyed the computer. This time I was so annoyed and my brain was about to give up but I really wanted to end the movie so I gave it another last try.
I reached dead ends three times. Almost gave up and then followed the codes completely believing that I’m not the one in control and got to the end. Voila!
Although I did not take the LSD I somehow did. Weird but I so wanted to end the movie and made Stefan jump. Lol. I killed him. Even when he jumped I thought they might make me do it all again but gladly they did not.
I believe from I have heard there are five endings to the movie. No matter what you chose, the movie is quite exhausting. The starting over again part annoyed me.
I would not recommend it to any mom though. But if you have time and you want to play a weird game then go for it.